Packaging Tips

The purpose of wrapping and packing is to prevent breakage, scratching, denting and chipping so...
  1. Don't use whatever used boxes you can find for packing, it puts your possessions at risk.
  3. Don't wrap items in newspaper or magazines for protection; the ink can rub off onto your possessions.
  5. Don't go without affordable, full-cover Transit Insurance, it can leave you uncompensated should anything go wrong.
So how do you ensure your prized possessions are packed perfectly?

Do it with the right stuff. Pak-It-Yourself has designed an easy-to-use packing system that supplies you with the right materials and know-how to do the job properly yourself.

  1. Begin with a PIY Starter-Kit... it's the best place to start as it comes with the necessary materials to pack, easy 'how-to' Packing Guidelines, more Packing Tips and access to a full Transit Insurance cover
  3. If you're only purchasing boxes, don't be tempted to get just the largest boxes in the PIY range, once filled they may be too heavy for you to lift. Use the largest box for lighter items like pillows, cushions and plastic kitchenware. The small size box is the most versatile.
  5. If you're taking pets with you, research what you need to do and who you're going to use nice and early - your pet my have to spend time in quarantine so it's best to know this sooner rather than later. Look for suitable companies in the Yellow Pages under "Pet Transport" or phone your airline for advice
  7. Use only P-I-Y packing materials and instructions throughout the job to qualify for full Transit Insurance
  9. Re-use the original packaging that items like your computer, DVD Player, Stereo, etc came in (provided you still have the moulded polystyrene pieces) before packing into a PIY box. This method provides good protection from damage and helps prevent theft as the identity of the item will be hidden inside the PIY box
  11. Be brutal about what deserves to go and get rid of anything that's not
  13. The Wrap supplied in a PIY Starter-Kit is used to protect items from scratching, denting and chipping and to cushion breakables
  15. If there's something important you want to immediately access on arrival (like the toolbox or the kettle, etc), pack them together in one or two boxes and clearly label with "1st day items" or something similar so you can easily find these boxes amongst all the rest
  17. Pack the toolbox last, you'll need tools to disassemble beds, etc
  19. Don't pack anything electrical that's been running and is still warm - wait a few hours for things to cool first
  21. Remove batteries from remote controls, toys, appliances, clocks, etc and safely discard. They may corrode, cause damage or activate an item during transit
  23. For any boxes containing breakables, use our "FRAGILE" stickers to mark each one. This provides clear notice to anyone handling them
  25. Rugs can be kept clean and handled easily by rolling up, tying and placing in a Mattress Bag. Mattress Bags are supplied in the Starter Kits and can be ordered as needed from the shop or by contacting us.
  27. Mattresses or sofas can be slipped into Mattress Bags to prevent them getting dirty or dusty. Mattress Bags are supplied in the Starter Kits and can be ordered as needed from the shop or by contacting us.
  29. Don't leave items in wall units or bookcases, etc. If filling or padding is required for protection, use soft and light items like pillows or linen
  31. Remember, if you need additional boxes, tape and wrap or other packaging items like mattress bags, special wrap, damp absorption, etc, you can view and order as needed from the shop or by contacting us.
  33. These are your prized posessions, there's no such thing as overprotecting them when it comes to shifting. Insurance companies can tell if damage has occurred because of inadequate packaging... it's better you do too much than not enough
  35. A handy Check List to help you remember "things to do"

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