The biggest barriers preventing you from packing your own belongings is obtaining the right packing materials for the job and getting access to a full transit insurance cover in the process. Many insurers don’t like to cover self-packed effects in part because most people use the wrong materials. This leaves you with little option than to fork out more money to hire professional packers or scrounge around for whatever boxes you can find while doing without adequate insurance protection. Then you’ll need to find a freight company prepared to transport everything for you.

Pak-It-Yourself have developed a practical and easy to use Pak-It-Yourself system designed especially to overcome these barriers so you can pack like a professional using the packaging we supply and get access to our hassle-free freighting service. This option is the best way to preserve your privacy too, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of strangers handling their things.       

We recommend you begin with a PIY Quick-kit, Budget-kit or Starter-kit. These affordable Kits contain all the basic packaging materials you'll need and include nice and simple visual guidelines on how to pack correctly... PLUS depending on which Kit you buy, it'll save you between 5% to 15% on the cost of buying things separately. It's PIY made very easy. 

Aside from the Transit Insurance problems mentioned earlier, boxes that have been commercially used before you get them will be structurally compromised which puts your belongings at risk of damage. Also having an assortment of box types and sizes can make your freight difficult to clearly identify and can make loading them economically into a vehicle, container or storage space very challenging... and space is a valuable commodity.

If you’ve got more than a parcel but less than a suitcase to send overseas, we’ve thought of you too… our Fill-a-Box courier service is the perfect solution for your “in-between” sized freight and the service is quick and reliable. 

To give you a quote we need:

-Your pick up address

-Your delivery address overseas

-Kgs and m3 of your package/packages


Once our quote has been accepted, to ship we need:

-Your pick up address including telephone number and email address

-Your delivery address overseas including telephone number and email address

-Kgs and m3 of your package/packages

-Full inventory packing list with values for customs purposes

-A colour photo copy of scanned copy of photo ID


It's PIY made very easy. 

Only those businesses that are both:

  1. Listed on this website and
  2. Display the distinctive Pak-It-Yourself™ mark are authentic 

100% New Zealand owned, Pak-It-Yourself™ is a brand operated by carefully selected companies who meet the strict standards required. This unique brand was established to empower householders who are moving with the materials and know-how to do what many want to do themselves but thought they couldn’t or shouldn’t. Whether you're packing your flat, house, mansion or even just sending a “care-package” for a homesick friend, there’s a packaging and freight service available to fit your needs.

PIY orders are dispatched next working day after order/payment confirmation.

Delivery timings once dispatched are as follows:

Christchurch - Delivered same day as dispatch time

South Island main centres - 1 working day from dispatch time

South Island rural - 2 working days from dispatch time

North Island main centres - 2 working days from dispatch time

North Island rural - 3-4 working days from dispatch time


Using our connections with Jetstar, we have same day and over night options for pick ups into Wellington and Auckland. Please contact us for more information on this service.

Yes, we can deliver your PIY order nearly anywhere in New Zealand via track able courier services. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a live tracking link so you can track your consignment through to delivery. Standard delivery times approx 2 working days to main centres.

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