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Pak-It-Yourself is a New Zealand brand that provides purpose-made moving, shipping and storage boxes, a robust range of other packing supplies.

We empower you to become your own professional mover, capable of proficiently packing yourself without transit insurance penalty as our packing boxes and supplies are insurer approved.

We keep our range of packaging materials and cardboard boxes simple to keep your costs to a minimum no matter where you’re moving to. Rather than supply unnecessary and more costly kinds of packaging, what we supply in our range can achieve similar results without added expense.

Moving house can be stressful so when it comes to local or worldwide relocations, it’s difficult to know who’s right for you amongst the multitude of moving companies. But the PIY approach is different to most because it enables you to do as much or as little as you like without the worry of not being able to obtain transit insurance.

Moving Packaging Kits


Budget Kit

Kit contains:
Multi Moving Box - Dimensions 340 x…


Quick Kit

Kit contains:
Multi Moving Box - Dimensions 340 x…


Starter Kit

Kit contains:
Multi Moving Box - Dimensions 340 x…


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